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The Philippines is entering a dramatic situation concerning food safety. It has become the biggest rice importer and most of the grains used for the fattening of pigs and chicken come from the Americas. While 50% of the population is under 21 and the life expectancy  of men is 65, the average age of farmers is 57. Seas are over-exploited. Soil is washed or blown away into the sea due to inadequate farming practices, logging, building of roads and houses, as well as by the sheer violence of nature in the age of climate change. Malnutrition is no longer confined to those who suffer from poverty. Due to the poor quality of food, the issue affects everyone and is often addressed by the intake of artificial food supplements. These problems are not only aggravated by an ever-increasing population (2 million per year) and by a civil war between various parties that is patiently taken as “being part of life”, but also by a lack of sense of the dignity of labor, a respect for the work on the land. We have a severe problem with the quality of our foods and consequently with the mental and physical health of people and we are entering a huge problem with the availability of foods due to decreasing humus and lands, peak-oil and the dis-respect for farming and thus the lack of farmers.

The work of Koberwitz 1924 Inc. is a Mission of Peace that wants to help re-unite Man and Nature, Earth and Cosmos, Rich and Poor and people of all religions and beliefs. To positively influence the situation, to support sustainable development and to contribute to the healing of man and the planet, the following areas are being covered (find out what we do in detail in the other menu points of this site):

  • Bio-dynamic agriculture including the breeding and production of seeds, training, consulting and networking services, protection of forest and reforestation, research, development and application in the realms of life technologies, health and nutrition.
  • The founding and support of holistic schools, particularly Waldorf Schools, as well as support in the application of holistic aspects in existing schools.
  • Educational and training programs in various areas like the senses, health, medical self-help, medicine-making, various therapies.
  • Medical and therapeutic services, assistance in self-development.

The corporation highlights the responsibility of the individual human being and tries to help “awaken the will” in people. Special emphasis is given to the five “means of production” which need to be anchored locally:

  •     Free and available Seeds
  •     Knowledge, Know How, Faculties
  •     Energy from own resources
  •     Fertilizers from own soil
  •     Locally and globally rooted Capital

Visit Koberwitz 2024!
The ”Koberwitz Agricultural Course”, the source and origin of organic agriculture, was given in 1924. In 2024, parts of the 100 year celebrations will happen in the original place in Kobierzyce, Lower Silesia, Poland.

Please contact Mr Paweł Bietkowski (Demeter-Poland), [email protected] tel. +48603073323 for details. See you in Poland! Also visit the websites koberwitz2024.pl and koberwitz2024.com!

Social Renewal starts with healing the earth.

Our logo stands for the idea that the human being can be the connector between Earth and Cosmos, and that Creation today, to a large extent, depends on the human being. The depicted garland (lemniscate) is given to a visitor and it shows our understanding of our service towards man and earth. It describes the human as a three-fold living being with the heart at the crossing. The heart connects heaven and earth, spirit and matter. We strive to stay in a continuous stream and exchange between spiritual and material world.


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Koberwitz 1924 Inc.
Daang Diwa, Uyuni on the Hill
Brgy. Santa Monica
Puerto Princesa City 5300
Palawan, Philippines
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